• Performance Management Bundle

Performance Management Bundle

This bundle includes:
  • ebook - Managing Underperformance
  • ebook - Managing Misconduct
  • Template - Letter Confirming Successful Completion of Probation
  • Template - Record of Performance Discussion
  • Template - Formal Warning Letter
  • Template - Final Warning Letter
  • Template - Termination of Employment Letter
  • Step by Step - How to manage employees who are frequently late or absent from work
  • Step by Step - How to address employee performance issues arising from an illness or injury
  • Step by Step - How to counsel an underperforming employee before dismissal
  • Checklist - End of Probationary Period Checklist
  • Checklist - Management Outline for Unsatisfactory Performance Checklist
  • Checklist - How to lawfully demote an employee

Understanding your obligations as an employer is important. If you are experiencing difficulty with managing staff, please call CCIQ Employer Assistance team (members), or join with a CCIQ membership https://www.cciq.com.au/membership/.